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How to add mass amounts of data to a backend?


I have an app that will contain a lot of pre-bundled information (in book format) that I would like users to be able to access within my app through Kinvey. The data is relatively large (about 3 MB). I have the data available in any format. How would I about adding this to my backend as entities for access through the APIs?


Thanks so much Sean! Of course, as soon as I posted this question, I found the "Import Data" option under the settings tab of the console. ;) This seems to be what I need as I can just convert my data to JSON and import it. Thanks again.

The best way to do this is probably through the kinvey console. Upload the data in a cvs format or something similar.

The other option if you do not like the kinvey console is to create a program that does it for you. My company (by my company I mean me) built a java program that will take data from a excel file and format it in some general terms and then upload it to kinvey for use in other apps. This seems to work really well for us and is a better approach for us because we needed data consistency that the console could not offer.
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