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Weird behaviour since last update. Please fix it soon.

Since Friday night, Kinvey backend has starting behaving weirdly. At times, I can see my entries through console, at times I don't see any of them. Things that were working on Friday night are not working anymore. Some important parts of my code are collapsed due to this. Please fix it soon as its very crucial time for my app. We need to send builds to client.

And I'm not receiving any kind of push notification although I have cross matched my certificate and profile.
Hi Sairasmandi,

Our apologies for the issues. We're working hard to catalog all the different problems people are seeing and fix them as we update our console from the legacy version to the new version. Please keep letting us know issues that you come across! Your feedback is invaluable to us.

In the meantime you can still access the old console at
Too much? ;)
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