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schedule a daily query

Hello, I need to know how to schedule a daily query to a database. Basically it will erase an element from the database.

Is it posible to do it through Kinvey? Can anyone help me?

Thanks, Yael

Hi Yael,

The API reference for the collection access module is [here]( You will be able to delete your document with this.

Once you have written your endpoint you can schedule a weekly run using the schedule popover in the business logic editor like this...

![]( "")

I have created the endpoint, but it is not erasing from the database, could you help me?

The idea is to erase the line that matches with: fechaVigencia = today and pago = false

Thanks again.

function onRequest(request, response, modules) {

date= new Date();

modules.collectionAccess.collection("Compra").remove({"fechaVigencia" : {" $gte ": date}, " $and " : {"pago" : {" $gte ": false}}}, function (err, docs) {

if (err) {

logger.error('Query failed: '+ err);

} else {

response.body = docs;





Hi @yaelhh‌,

The mongo operators in your query should not be surrounded by whitespace ("$and", not " $ and ")

Thanks for your quick response.

I fixed what you told me but it still doesn't work.

Which format Date() should have? the field fechaVigencia is 16-Set-2014.

Hi @yaelhh‌,

Kinvey handles date/time values in [ISO8601]( format (eg *2014-09-11T20:40:58.694Z*)
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