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Update to Facebook's SignIn Intergration?

Is there any action that is needed on kinvey's part to make sure that there new app login workflow works with the Kinvey user Facebook login?

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Thanks guys.
Ya I am figuring it out. It looks like the biggest issue is the fact that in the function you guys request basic_info and it should be changed to something else. To be honest though there workflow is much easier and it would probably be easiest to just do it manually now.

I will let you know if I figure anything out.
Hey Sean,

It looks like we will need to dig in on this deeper. The sample app needs updating, which is on our to-do list, but I don't have an estimated date for completion as of yet.

Are you figuring this out as a part of a larger project?
Sorry I will give more context. I am trying to update your signin view project to the new facebook sdk. I am running into issues, but these are issues with the KCSUser loginWithSocialId issues. First of all Facebook does not use a access tokens anymore and second how do I change what permissions are being used. Atm it is set to basic_info, but facebook has depreciated this as well. It now should be public_profile, and user_friends.

Any ideas?
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