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Is there support for MongoDB indexes?

As our data store grows, our queries are slowing down. Do you support the creation of MongoDB indexes?

Ok ! Thank you for the answer
Hi @fabreax‚ÄĆ, the reason is that our data store is NoSQL and as such holds JSON documents -- there is no one-to-one correlation with relational tables and columns. While renaming or deleting fields from all documents contained within a single collection is possible using Mongo operators, we do not currently support it as part of the Console data browser. Please feel free to open a new thread in the [Feature Requests category]( of this forum; in the meantime, you could achieve similar functionality using business logic and the [aforementioned mongo operators](

Also, In the future, please start a new thread for a new question, rather than commenting on an existing unrelated question -- it makes it much easier to manage.
Hello, why there is no column rename/delete feature ? A technical reason ?
Thanks Gal. We'll run some tests and probably contact support with some possible indexes on our largest collection. We're eventually going to rewrite the app, so this will be a stop-gap until then.
Hi, please see this answer for details on our indexing practices

That being said, if you expect a large amount of data and want to proactively bring your usage pattern/potential indexing needs to our attention, please contact support and we will look into it.
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