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Some values on the dashboard seem to be not updated.

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Hello, my name is zienoc, an individual Android app developer.

I am creating an Android app depending on the Kinvey's MBaaS service.

In test step, I have created some active users and uploaded data and files.

However, in the DASHBOARD, the values of "api calls", "data storage" and "file storage" are always zero(the screenshot is attempted).

I confirmed that the data are certainly uploaded.

My question is whether this situation is bug.

If I am needed to do some specific operations on dashboard or settings, please let me know what to do.


I have the same issue the other way around. I deleted many files from my databases, but the dashboard is just increasing...

I use rest services (and making the correct links from my data to the files view - it works, only the dashboard seems indicating that files are still somewhere ...

Is there an action I have to do ?



Hi Zienoc, Thanks for reporting this! We may PM you for your App ID so we can take a look. It may just be a display issue.
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