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Classic public access to storage question


In my Android application, connected users and not connected users should have acces to public data.

What's the best way to achieve this ?

My idea :

If the user is not connected, I use a generic user account, for instance a user called "anonymous".

If the user is connected with his own account, I use the user account.

Thank you.


Hi Fabien,

Have you looked at Explicit vs. Implicit user creation? Implicit creation will create the user for you with random credentials relieving the need for the generic "anonymous" account. Or is there some other requirement where the combination of explicit and implicit creation will not be enough for you?
Thank you ! Is it possible to convert an implicit user (random userId/password) to a regular user ?

Since pricing is per user, I would like to create a user only when the given user subscribes to a paid feature.
Hi, have you considered updating the implicit user's entity to populate it with the user's information when they decide to subscribe? authenticating using the implicit user's access token will allow you to modify that user's details.
Ok so it's possible to update the username and password of an implicit user ?
Hi, an implicit user is simply one with automatically-generated username and password -- other than that, it is the same as any other user. For example, the iOS guide specifically points out this strategy here:
Good ! (there is nothing about updating an implicit user in the Android doc).
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