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Customization of verification emails is unavailable (no ability to edit as per the documentation).

In the documentation explaining how to add / edit verifications emails, it shows that there's an area below to edit the code. See here:

Yet, when we go to the same area, nothing comes up at all, preventing us from adding a template / editing the code. Is there something we're missing, or is this a bug?

See a screenshot below:

![]( "")

Thanks for the help

This issue has been resolved,

If you still have errors with this feature, please let me know.


We have fixed this issue and it is slated to go out in the next update to our platform. This should be before the end of this week. I will update this topic again when we push these (and other changes) into production for end users.

Please reach out to us if you find any other issues.


At present we think that this is a bug on our end with how we're displaying the input box where the HTML should be entered. This is something that will likely be making it's way back into our platform in the next few days.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!

Thanks Damien!
Hello Jmitch,

We are currently restructuring and re-arranging the console. Some features may be temporarily unavailable during this phase in our production. I will see if there's a temporary workaround that you can implement until this feature makes it's way back into our production platform.

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