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User email validation after initial expiration

I've enabled email verification, however, if a user forgets to verify their email I can't send them a new verification email from the console, only issue a reset of the password. It looks like I have to build my own functionality for this? Btw, the user is taken to a very ugly page if they click on an expired validation link:

There is a 1-hour timeout from the time a user signs up for them to confirm their request. We consider this a security feature and it is not something we are considering changing at this time. On an unrelated note, I will mention that the page you linked to should look a little bit better.
Hi @Damien - the 1hr timeout is for the password reset link which, as you mention, is a security feature and I support that. However, this question is for the initial user email verification which lasts 5 days. If someone doesn't verify before then I have no way to send them another verification email.
Hey there Daniel,

You can manually trigger a new email verification from our REST api at any time. Here's a guide to walk you through that,

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