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Password Length and/or Character Limitations

Is there any info regarding the password length or character type limitations users can use? The password reset page and login pages seem to have some but I'm not sure what they are as there's no info when the user is asked to create or reset their password. For example, a 60 character password which seems to have been accepted on the reset page is not working when I attempt to sign-in on the login page. I have also tried 20 which also appeared to be accepted but failed on login. Also, the password is using characters like # * and @


I signed up a user through the app with the following password:

password: "1234567890-=!@#$%^&*()_+qwertyuiop"

Also had the email verification setting on. Once I verified the email for this user, I was able to login into the app using this password.



Kinvey Support

Hi Damien - do you have an app I can test this with that has email authentication enabled. It would be good to rule out any error in our app and I can create a screen recording of what's happening.


(daniel uses his own name, I ended up authenticating with our company twitter account)

I am having issues with being able to recreate this issue. Are you referring to in-app or on the console? I just created a console account with an 85 character, case sensitive, alpha-numeric with symbols and logged in without issue.

Can you please give me steps to try to recreate this issue?

I am wondering if this is linked to the user not verifying their email. Could this be why the login is failing?

`"emailVerification": {

"status": "sent",


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