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Kinvey to PHP authentication

I am using Kinvey HTML5 library to authenticate user on the client side. I want the user to be able to send data to PHP script (that runs on AWS). Is there a way for the PHP script to tell if the data is from authenticated user?



In this case I'm finding it hard to understand the use case here. At present we generally don't support anything like this, if you could give me a better understanding of the use case I might be able to point you in the right direction.

Hi Damien

I need my users to access FTP (actually SFTP). This is used by third party that we need to integrate with. PHP was my first idea on how to connect to SFTP - it can not be done from browser.

I'm not 100% sure that I follow you here. At present I am not understanding the use case here, as it doesn't sound like one we support.

What is the goal you're trying to accomplish? Is there something that the Kinvey Datastore model is insufficient at doing?

To answer the more direct question (as I understand it) is that we do not support using our auth tokens / sessions to enable 3rd party sftp connections.

I'll provide more details.

We have an SFTP server where our partners upload large chunks of data.

Then we have our Kinvey backend with our Kinvey users. We want the Kinvey users to be able to access the data on the SFTP server, download them and upload new data.

But this must be accessible only for authenticated Kinvey users.

Unfortunately this isn't supported out-of-the-box on any of our plans. In the enterprise edition, we do have support for data link connectors which could handle some of this, but would still likely require some work from one of our solutions architects to get it fully operational for you, as this isn't a common use case.

Apologies for not having better news,
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