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Allow Control Click in Console

Right now, I've got my Kinvey Console Addons all across the top of the screen. So, I can just quickly click on Users or DataStore etc to get to that portion of the Kinvey Console.

Unfortunately, I can't Control Click on any of them to open a console item in a new tab. Your JavaScript is not detecting control clicks so a control click just loads that Addon in the current tab.

To open an Addon in a new tab, I have to open a new tab, then put in the URL, then click on that Addon.

It'd be so much easier if you console JS detected control clicks and opened the Addon in a new tab.

We will be deploying support for this later this week. Most of the console should support ctrl+click for opening links, if you encounter any spots that don't have support for this and it's an annoyance to you please continue to let us know!
It's working great now. Thanks for getting this taken care of.
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