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Scheduled task/cron/timer for Business Logic

I need to be able to run periodic background tasks to perform cleanup activities. Also need to programmatically schedule a task to be executed "x minutes from now". It would be awesome if you add that feature.


Aren't you the VP of Engineering? Why are you requesting features for your own product? :)
I am also a user of Kinvey and my feature requests get prioritized along with all others. :-)

While the above is true, this is just us seeding the forum.
I guess I'll let it slide cause you have a cool Avatar like me.
This would be phenomenal!
Is this coming anytime soon? With the 2 second limit imposed on custom endpoint execution, its imperative that an alternate batch/background processing come by soon. I generate a lot of 1 min time series data and am using a custom end point to generate the higher level 5//15/60/240 minutes data from it but with the time limit that whole process has come to a grinding stop.
I want this feature too, when it is coming? :)
It is available now -

We'd love your feedback.
For those of you out there interested in scheduled code we added finer grain time intervals.

We now have support for:

- One time

- Repeat Interval: Weekly, Daily, Hourly, 30 min, 10 min, 5 min

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