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Extending KCSUser

Currently there is no way to extend KCSUser object. It would be nice to be able to extend Kinvey User object. Like if I want to add additional fields like "profile picture" or " Education " or " Bio " etc. If possible, please make Kinvey User object extendible.

Thank you

Kinvey, Any comment on this feature. Are you guys at least considering this as a feature down the lane?

If so, when can we anticipate this?

We have couple of projects to consider based on the answer. Please comment on this request.

Thank you
Correct, this is not currently possible with KinveyKit. You can create your own KCSPersistalble class to query the user collection, but have to be careful to preserve the user id, username, email and other fields. Also you'll have to track the parallel classes as the activeUser will continue to be the KCSUser version.

Yes, this is a planned feature for us as it is a common problem.
Also waiting for this feature.
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