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Emails / password reminders - able to have multiple languages

Say we have an app that is in multiple languages. Basically at the moment we I believe have to code our own password reminder / reset etc emails...... because even with Mustache templating - I think we can pretty much only work in English? (or, if not English, just one language)

Not fully played with this fully yet - so this is from reading the docs.......

How do you plan on determining what language the email should be sent in? Even if you could configure multiple languages in the email templates - you would either need to be able to pass along an extra parameter when triggering the email send (indicating the language to use), or maybe have a default language setting against the user account?

Still though I think this is a good feature request, something we could definitely use eventually. However for now I don't think you should be having issues setting up the email template in multiple languages, as we've been able to do this using a non-latin RTL language.
In the app we have a language setting for the app UI. So I know what language we are interacting with the user in.

I was thinking of sending in a parameter (e.g. for what template to use) and then some kind of hide / show based on that (could be possible using Mustache I guess)

Yeap - easy enough for a SINGLE non English language to be used. The question is more multiple user chosen languages.

I think may have to fall back on having multiple languages in the same template and the user will just have to read the text they want to read.... which probably is fine as a short term solution for functionality that although is important, its not the key of the overall experience.
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