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Activity Streams / History

Are there any plans to add a "history" to entities? I think this would be a valuable addition, considering that activity streams / history of changes to an entity are rather important. Modeling such a system on your own is a whole other topic, but having a very simple "who touched this" type of data would be useful for most basic cases.

@Morgan‌ - you're totally right. For more complex scenarios it may not work, but at a basic level this is really all you'd need. :)
@"Dave Ackerman"‌ Pardon me if what I'm about to suggest is obvious but you could implement such a scheme using Kinvey business logic. Just mark an entity as changed in a history log on prePost collection hook. Granted that's not as convenient as having it baked into the API but it is possible to do with no platform changes.

Hey Dave, It's a cool idea! I'm popping it under feature requests.
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