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Add support for post deploy hooks

It would be nice if Kinvey had the option to run a hook after deploying new business to the backend. I'm specifically thinking about posting to a service such as Campfire, HipChat or Slack so that everyone can get notified of a new deployment.

Was this ever implemented?
We've had quite a lot of feedback on the workflow for BL changes. We understand this is a common pain point for developers working in a team environment as coordinating changes is difficult with the current setup.

Is your team using of github or bitbucket? If so, with Kinvey you'll soon be able to configure the webhook of your github repo to notify Kinvey of changes to your BL code. Those changes will get automatically deployed to your Kinvey backend. You could add Campfire et al as a webhook to github or bitbucket as well.

Would this answer to your needs?

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