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Data Protection

Even though "delete all rows" has a confirmation box, it would be nice to be able to make data read-only in the web admin application. This would simply be an extra safety to prevent accidental deletion.

Like a toggle for collaborators? Or more fine-grained control for different permission levels?
Long-term it would be great to set it for collaborators, but for now I'm simply thinking of an extra "are you sure" box. For instance, requiring us to type in the word "DELETE" in a box rather than just a yes/no confirmation.
Makes sense. I'm bringing it to the attention of the console team! Thanks!
Bit late here, but along with this: we've had instances of accidental deletion of single rows. I know a confirmation for every row deletion might be cumbersome at times, so perhaps a simple "undo" function/option after deleting a row would be a good middle ground. Most of the time accidental clicks causing row deletion are immediately recognized by the user.
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