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Include two backend environments for free users

For indie developers looking to grow a user-based to afford the more consistent "indie" pricing option ($200/month) the free does not provide a developer/production setup option.

While I understand the request-based pricing model used by Parse might not work for Kinvey, a middle ground between "free" and $200/month could help more developers "grow" their user base. Simply allowing for an additional backend environment (maybe even capping the number of requests as a tradeoff) would be super helpful to make the jump.

Ya I second this!!

But not the be a douche but you can get the same functionality with one database as you can with two with a bit of thought. Just make a variable that tells your app when it is in debug or not. If it is in debug use all the same collections but with developer prefixed or postfixed to the collection name. If it is release then do not change it or put production on the collection.

For example: If i have a places database for the my app and I have a collection called places. Well my debug collection could be called debugPlaces, or develperPlaces. Then when I change my variable in my settings. It would use the productionPlaces collection or just the places collection. basically the same effect as having two database, not near as pretty but sometimes when have no money it is time to improvise.

With the environments you have to change the database options anyway so you are going to want to do a setup similar to this anyway.
Hey Randolph- noted! It's good feedback, thank you!
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