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Change Display Name on Support Forum Profile

I must have originally signed up by authenticating with my twitter handle and this became my username, which is fine, but I'd like to be able to set my full name (or first name or whatever) as the name to be displayed in forum posts (like this one).

Might also help someone who signed up with their [chunkylover53]( account to get some of their dignity back.

Hey Adam, If you go to, can you edit it?

I have two fields:

username -- with my adampax username

email -- with my email address

It appears I can change my email address, but the user name field is grayed out.
Ah, I think I'm seeing it editable because I'm an admin. It seems like we *can* change the setting but the recommendation is for us to just change usernames for users. Want to PM me what you want your name to be?
OK great, how about just 'Adam Paxton'

Thanks Caroline.
All set!
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