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Syntax highlight + code completion IDE.

It's a bit a struggle to do some Endpoint code with the lack of suitable IDE, code hinting and code completion.

I think it would be very useful, if the default text editor is switched with some more advanced one, oriented to coding.

something like

or ( )

( the autocomplete demo is a-must-have )

there is some, but not quite useful actually. The most useful feature would be Code Sense and Code Completion ( CTRL + SPACE in most of the highest quality IDE-s ).
@Yordan‌ Can you see the suggestions appear as you type? You can select them using the arrow, tab or enter keys on your keyboard or by clicking.
Seems like it's going the right direction, anyway still "Code completion" does not works ( CTRL + SPACE ) :|
Hi @Yordan‌,

Just to let you know that if you head over to you can see the new code editor in action :)


Great. Looking forward to see it implemented :)
Hi @Yordan‌,

Thanks for the suggestion! This is actually something that we're working on at the moment, using Ace and Esprima to give a more complete and featureful code editing experience.
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