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Debug error message


When there is an exception raised in a custom endpoint, could you provide with the line number where the error was thrown in the debug message returned. It would be very usefull, especially if the error occurs in a common script.



Any update would be great. This has bitten me developing custom endpoints repeatedly - having a line number to reference (preferably a stack trace!) would make the experience so much easier.

is there any development about this feature?

Is it on the road map for the next future?

I was going to post the same feature request before I found this one, cause it would literally save all together hours and hours of work of debugging. Even just by reading at what line an error occurred, or what was the last line processed before the error occurred...

Manual debug on async calls is not very easy, especially when even the console doesn't log some things...always because of async dynamics ;)
Thanks for that feature request!

We haven't added that level of debug info into the BL logging module yet. But I think that’s an awesome idea! In fact, we loved the idea so much we've began working on a broader project to improve UX of BL and debugging / workflow a short time ago. It's a big undertaking though and requires many carefully planned changes. I don't have an ETA from the team behind it yet but from their last update, I'd say some time in Q3'14.
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