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Email and password authentication?

I am trying to authenticate my users in my AngularJS app with an email and password rather than with a username and password. Most of my users have created a unique username and then try to log into the app with their email even though it says "username" on my login form. People can't remember their usernames often, either. I know there is an API feature to send a user a forgotten username, but the UX for that is seriously clunky; accepting either a username or password is MUCH cleaner.

I'm wondering if this feature is already implemented or is in the pipeline.



We do already support the email as a password. You could just change the username to support an email address in your signup form and you should be all set going forward.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for your response. I think I mistyped my previous inquiry. I meant to say "...accepting either a username or an _email_ is MUCH cleaner." Lets say a user creates a username that is different from their email. The login screen presents a "username" field and a "password" field. I would love it if authentication was successful whether the user entered a username or an email in the username field. Does that make sense?

Thanks in advance. I really appreciate your time and help!



At this point we don't currently support this as a feature. We do allow users to use their email addresses as their username, but don't have the ability to let a user sign up with a username and then allow login via email address as username.

I will escalate this as a feature enhancement to our VP or Product Development to be prioritized for our Q1 roadmap.


Thanks a lot for looking into this. I'll keep my eyes out for it in the API after Q1 end!

Also, thanks for your work on an awesome platform. I've loved using Kinvey - great stuff! I am a convert from the "always build it yourself" camp.



I'm happy that you enjoy our platform, we really love getting feedback from our developers and really believe that it helps us grow as a company, so please feel free to know us what else you want to see from us.

Thanks :)
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