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Issue resolving KinveyRef of Users collection

I have a collection for which each document includes a reference to documents from the (default) users collection, i.e. my documents look like:

{ _id : XXXX, ..., user : { "_type": "KinveyRef", "_id": YYYY, "_collection": "users" }, ...}

Now when I query this collection and try to resolve user data with a GET like:

GET /appdata/:appKey/:collectionName/:id?resolve=user HTTP/1.1


Authorization: [user credentials]

I do get expected results (and I am able to resolve other collections without any issue), but the user related data does not get resolved, i.e. I get _obj:null even though corresponding ids do exist in my Users collection:

{ _id : XXXX, ..., user : { "_type": "KinveyRef", "_id": YYYY, "_collection": "users", "_obj": null }, ...}

Is there any special rule that forbids resolving data from the Users collection ? (like because it could contain sensitive data like email, social identity etc if not hidden with some collection hook).

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Hi Nicolas, the Users collection is actually named "user" behind the scenes. If you change your reference to refer to this collection instead of "users", it should be properly resolved.
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