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Email Verification / Email Domain

Can i use custom domain on my email verification link? if can't is there any default API can i perform manual password reset using my own logic?



Hi Stanley,

We do not currently offer a way to customize the domain for email verification. Regarding password reset, can you elaborate on what you mean by "using [your] own logic"?
Hi Gal,

Sorry my question might not be clear enough. Due to fact that Kinvey not support custom domain on your email template for email verification, i'm thinking of implement my own email verification logic hosted on my server and use REST call to perform the email verification logic. Is that possible?

Also, I wonder if any REST interface available to perform password reset task? e.g your competitor Apigee App Services allow following:

curl -X PUT "" -d '{"newpassword":"foo9876a","oldpassword":"bar1234b"}'
Hi Stanley,

You could in theory use your own email verification logic. In order for this to "properly" work with Kinvey, the best way would likely be to create a custom business logic endpoint that is capable of updating the


property of the user object, as shown in the REST users guide (

As for a REST interface to password reset, I am afraid that it is not currently supported. We use a signed URL to access the final step in the password reset process, and any unsigned request will fail. However-- in the next few weeks, we will be implementing a way for you to use your own custom password reset page (using a template provided by us), which you would host on your server (you will specify a link to this page through the Kinvey Console, and this link will be included in the password reset email). Does this address your use case?
Thank you gal. Indeed you answer my first question. I will wait for the custom password reset page to be available soon.

Hi Stanley,

The custom password reset page feature is now available through the console. For more information, take a look at the Users guide:
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