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How can I deployed my current RESTApi on kinvey?

If I already have the RESTFUL API developed in PHP. How I can use kinvey as a BaaS solution for backend ? I want to move my backend to kinvey BaaS. But I have already running REST API developed in PHP. an I deployed my current API with Kinvey BaaS?

Could you elaborate on your use case? what do you currently have, what is your end goal, and how do you see Kinvey integrating into this workflow?
We have a product where users can colloborate and share content and assets with eahc other based on roles of other users. The kinvey BaaS provides User roles and controls, push notifications etc. We want to leverage the benefits of this. But we already have a data source for various things. How I can use my current data source with kinvey MBaas?
Hi Atul, a good place to get started is:
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