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Failure to resolve references

Hi there! I'm having an issue with my reference resolution in my queries.

I have an 'event' collection and a 'person' collection that are referenced by KinveyReferences in the 'attendee' collection. When I query for an attendee entry, however, there are a lot references that don't get resolved (and I know they appropriate entry IDs exist in the referenced collection)

my query:


example of unresolved response:


"version": 1,

"person": {

"_id": "52a5fb0782682eae26c933d7",

"_type": "KinveyRef",

"_collection": "person"


"event": {

"_id": "530652da302983c10f009240",

"_type": "KinveyRef",

"_collection": "event"


"_id": "530652f50be19873290096a7",

"_kmd": {

"lmt": "2014-02-20T19:09:41.288Z",

"ect": "2014-02-20T19:09:41.288Z"


"_acl": {

"creator": "52a5fb0782682eae26c933d7"



Both the person AND the events exist in their respective collections, but I'm still getting null _obj fields. Any guess as to how to fix this?



I'm now seeing that there is a limit of 100 resolutions to a query -- sorry I missed that earlier.

I am, however, still having an issues resolving both references in the entry. When I change the resolve to be "&resolve=person,event" it still will only resolve one of the references
OK I see what's happening now, my apologies. Just in case this trips up someone else along the way I'll leave the question up but basically I just didn't realize that the 100 resolutions would be as sporadic as they are.

If I don't limit my query to 100 objects, it will not just resolve the first 100 records fully but just pick 100 seemingly randomly (sorry I'm not super knowledgable) so I ended up with some responses that had just the event resolved, other with just the person resolved. Once I added the &limit=100 I was given fully resolved objects in response
Hey Calvin,

Wow, you answered your own question even faster than I could get to it! Kudos, to you.

Let us know if you have any follow-up questions!
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