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Create a group - document what list and groups means


In REST API - can you document on here what list and groups mean, and what the IDs that you are adding there mean.

I think I have worked it out but its not explicitly documented

While there, the update groups doc currently says

This looks like something that has come out of how you auto-generate your help docs

Hi, the IDs in the users.list array are user IDs, while the IDs in the "groups" array are group IDs. More specifically, these arrays contain KinveyReference objects (, which means that the following:

{ _type: "KinveyRef", _collection: "user", _id: "1" }

Refers to an object in the "user" collection having an ID of "1", just as:

{ _type: "KinveyRef", _collection: "group", _id: "G1" }

Refers to an object in the "group" collection with an ID of "G1".

I will take a look at how the documentation can be made clearer. Also, thanks for spotting the typo in the update docs-- it will be fixed in a future release.
Sorry for the badly formatted JSON-- we will soon be moving to a forum that is better suited for displaying code.
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