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List groups

Unless I have missed it, I haven't found a REST API to list all existing groups

Could we have one please! Thanks.

Hi, while we do not currently support listing groups, this feature is on our roadmap and will be available in the future.
Hi, I bumped into the same problem. So, if you have created some groups and didn't store the id, you can not delete them again?

So, perhaps I'm missing something, you have to create an additional collection to store any group-id's if you want to use them in the future?
Hi Maarten, it is true that currently there is no way to delete a group without knowing its id in advance. As a _temporary workaround_ until we expand user group support, you could create a custom business logic endpoint that queries the "group" collection. Please keep in mind that there are very few protections around the use of the collectionAccess module in BL, and you should be careful when using it.
After some fiddling, listing groups works nice through an endpoint . Thanks!
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