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Facebook Login Failed

Today I found out that I cannot link my login from Facebook to Kinvey. I did not change anything in the client code. What I did is the usual login via REST:

Uri:[my App Key]

Authorization: Basic [my App Key]:[App Secret] -> coded in Base64 as usual



"_socialIdentity": {

"facebook: {

"access_token": [Facebook Access Token],

"expires": [Facebook expiration in string]




So basically it's just usual login according to the documentation, but I notice that today it doesn't work anymore, it simply gives me error like:


"error": "InsufficientCredentials",

"description": "The credentials used to authenticate this request are not authorized to run this operation. Please retry your request with appropriate credentials",

"debug": "Please authenticate as an app admin using the App secret to run this operation"


I even try it in API console and it doesn't work too. Anyone experience this and has a solution?

Many Thanks,

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Hey Dede,

To confirm, it was working before and then suddenly stopped? Are you still seeing the error?
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