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Send Push notification by token ID?


A user can have multiple registered devices.

How can I send a push notification to one device by token ID using REST please and also from "Send a Push" -> "Specific User" by User/Device Token?



Currently, we do not support push to device, only push to a specific group of users. To send a push, create a custom endpoint that sends the push and invoke that endpoint via the REST API. For information on configuring push in a custom endpoint, see

Is there any plans to support this in future. The use case is that the user is using say 2 devices and is logged in from both but wants a certain category to trigger a notification on the phone but have all types of alerts trigger a notification on the tablet. While we can do the filtering in the custom endpoint we are not able to send the push it to the specific device as the push doesn't allow filtering on tokens.

Pankaj, This came up recently during a meeting that we were having and it may be a feature in the re-write of push that is happening in the coming months. I believe that push is slated for an overhaul sometime before the end of Q3 2015. Thanks,
is this issue solved?
1) if so may i know from which version it is solved. Currently we use 2.10.3 on Android. But we still face this issues.
2) if not resolved, please let us know from which version we can expect this.


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