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Linking a phone with a user


I'm using Embarcadero's Rad Studio XE6 with the Kinvey Provider and now I'm a bit perplexed.

After the phone is registered, how do I link the phone to a user so I can send pushes to either just that user or a group of users, rather then to all phones in the app?

The PushEvents object gives me a Device Token and a Device ID and I know the user that is logged on to the device, but how do I marry them together, and which ID do I use?

Hi Gary, you can follow the steps outlined in our REST Push Guide ( to register a device to a user.
Ok, If I understand correctly I'd first create a user, then register the device and platform to the user. And then I can send messages to the devices tied to the user using code like the code on this page:
Gal, that shows how to rester and unregister a device. It doesn't show how to send a push to a user.

I've got the devices registered, or so it seems, but I'm not able to send a push.
Push notifications are triggered through business logic -- for an example, please refer to

HI Gary or some one that can help me... ! Do you resolve it ? 

I must do the same think with Embarcadero XE10  ... 
Please, can you put me in the right way ?  

In Kinvey i have only one user in "Users" named "bacobas"...  and i use it in kinveyProvider Object  credential to login  ... 

Than, for each device that will log in for the first App start ... I’d like create a custom user (with custom field in record eg. Sex, age.. and so on…)... that is linked with the app device...  Is it possible ?
What’s the way ?


Because , in a second App... I’d like query by json object + Business logic the  custom users table...
for find (for example Sex = male) and send them push notification  on respective device…..


I think that you do the same think…. What the way ?

Thank you.


component server component to login for receive push notification ...

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