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"error": "The method specified is not implemented for this path"


So I have a data store set up that I am accessing with a python program using the REST API, the problem I am facing is that the PUT method returns an error.

Request Not Made


"error": "The method specified is not implemented for this path",

"request": "PUT https://schneider-electric-"


The POST and GET method work normally. I am using the API console for testing purposes. PUT /appdata/kid_xxxx/CLC using the App Key : App Secret as the authorization and the X-Kinvey-API-Version 3 as the headers.

The body is


"_id": "1",

"hello": "tom"


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated on where I should start debugging.
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It looks like you are missing the entity ID when sending the PUT request. While POST and GET work with a collection-level URL (i.e. `/appdata/kid/collection`), PUT addresses a specific entity, which must be included: `/appdata/kid/collection/entityId`.
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