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Having issue in Delete User


I have use the following URL to delete the user, but this is not working, this shows the error in console and if i use this directly then this just return the detail of user.**********/53d733a525c06d8a********/?hard=true&_=eev1g8p9xl

Please update me ASAP


Hi, you will need to send a DELETE request to that URL. When you click it, you are sending a GET request instead. Through the API Console, you can use the dropdown to the left of the URL input field to change the request type from GET to DELETE, which will allow you to delete the user.
Hi Gal,

Thanks for your feedback. DELETE is already used in place of GET. you can see in attached screen shot.

In Coding i have used the following code:

$scope.delete = function(index) {

if (index >= 0) {

var promise = $kinvey.User.destroy($scope.users[index]._id, {

hard: true


promise.then(function(data) {

$scope.dump.message = 'User Deleted Successfully';

$scope.dump.type = 'alert-success';

$scope.users.splice(index, 1);

}, function(error) {

$scope.dump = error.description;

$scope.dump.type = 'alert-error';




Please help in any other way.

I have this error console: {"error":"BLRuntimeError","description":"The Business Logic script has a runtime error. See debug message for details.","debug":"TypeError: Cannot read property 'is_admin' of null"}
Hi, it looks like your Business Logic script has errors, which may be the cause of your problems. As a first step you should look into the debug message you have posted and fix the issue with the is_admin property.

i did not get any solution, admin is working for all others. I think delete API has the issue, so please confirm,

As i hit this URL**********/53d733a525c06d8a********/?hard=true&_=eev1g8p9xl

i just seen the detail of user but not able to delete the user.

Please update ASAP

Hi, can you paste exactly what the response is that you are getting? i.e. a trace of the request you are sending and the exact response you receive from Kinvey.
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