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Can send a reset password email before email confirmation was done?

Hi! I our app s activatd the Automatically send verification email. But after I create a user I need to send a reset password email, too. Will be send the reset password email before the user will confirm his email address? Will be sent both emails(confirmation and reset)?

Because the password reset email is **not** sent automatically, you will have to manually trigger it (using the REST API, you can do so using the method described here

Since you will be manually triggering the password reset process, you can choose exactly at what point you would like it to be sent. Also, since the password reset request is authenticated by using the app secret, there is no dependency on the user's email verification -- even if you decide to send the password reset request before the user has finished verifying their email, the user will be able to reset their password.
Thank you for your answer. I saw that the dashboard was changed and don't fond where can set the url for reset page. Can you help me please?
When your users receive the password reset email, they will receive a link to an automatically generated page -- there is no need to specify a URL.
I need to customize that page and since today it was an option in the user settings. From today I saw a new layout of the dashboard and the option for reset password url is gone.
Ah, sorry for misunderstanding :) as you noticed, we have just rolled out a new version of the console. While it's almost feature-complete with the previous console, there are still a few things we're working on. We are getting those into the new console as soon as possible, but if you need to access these features in the meantime you can still access the old console at
Thank you very much!
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