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My columns disappeared from the databrowser


### Short Version:

The columns you see in the databrowser are just placeholders. Until you actually store some kind of data in the one of the cells, the column exists purely in your browser. If you refresh the page, they will disappear, because nothing was stored in them to make them persist.

### Long Version:

What you are seeing is the result of trying to display a JSON object within a spreadsheet. This is the most convenient way to work with your data in the browser, but there is a bit of square peg, round hole going on. First, some background:

Kinvey uses a NoSQL database to store your data, which means there are no "tables" or "schema", like with traditional relational databases (i.e. MySQL, Postgres, etc). This is great for you, because you don't need to describe your tables and columns beforehand. Whatever you send to Kinvey, it will store. No setup required (beyond creating the backend itself!).

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to view multiple data objects at a glance, because each one can have different fields (a.k.a. columns). In raw form, this is what it would look like:

{"id":"0001","type":"donut","name":"Cake","ppu":0.55,"batters":{"batter":[{"id":"1001","type":"Regular"},{"id":"100 ...

Not very readable or helpful. So, to make things a bit more usable for you, we put it into a spreadsheet-style layout.

But here is where the disappearing columns issue comes into play. Because there is no static list of columns for all your objects in a given collection, when you create a brand new column, you are not changing any actual data. The new column simply gives you a place to enter data under that field (column) name in the browser.

When you refresh the page, the databrowser pulls down all your data and builds the column names. If you previously created a new column, but didn't save any data into it, the databrowser won't see that column when you refresh the page, because it was never really created.

I think THIS is the problem Dave is trying to point out.

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