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Users being imported

How are passwords dealt with when you do a bulk import of users? Also when I export users from the Kinvey back-end does it just remove all passwords?



Hi Sean,

Regarding Upload Format

Passwords must be provided in plain text (un-hashed) in the uploaded file. Don't worry, we never store them like that, we just need to do the salting/hashing ourselves.

If you are uploading CSV, the first line of your CSV file should contain the column names for your data. For example:


1,Chuck Norris,42,@srsly

2,Keyshawn Johnson,nosnhojnwahsyek,@cmonman

3,David Baas,s3cr3t,@kinveyNFLmascot

Regarding exporting-- correct. Passwords are stored in salted hashes on the backend and cannot be retrieved via an export.
Ok cool, what is the default password though on an import to the backend if there is no password field.
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