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Cloning Environments

When cloning complete environments, we've noticed there are options to only clone select things. Right now there appears to be DataStore, Files, and Users. Earlier there was Custom Endpoints for one of our apps, but after cloning once it's now gone. Does this list of selectable items to clone change dynamically based on what's not the same? If not, where are options such as validation rules and business logic? Is there maybe a specific way to clone an entire environment exactly, going as far as to even preserve all permissions?

Just some general background about how this process works (what is always default cloned, what is never cloned, etc) would be helpful.
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Good question! Yes, the list of clonable addons only shows those items that are different (in other words, items whose cloning would change anything in the target environment).

In general, the cloning process will clone all the *settings* of the addon you selected. A few addons also have data associated with them (specifically: Users, Data Store, and Files). When you hover over these items, you'll notice the description includes a checkbox for copying the associated data as well.

The reason these three addons always appear is because they have this associated data. It's not quite feasible to do a diff of your entire Data Store to determine if there are changes, since it can be massive. So to be on the safe side, you'll always have the option to clone these three addons and their associated data (even if there is actually no difference).

Hopefully this answers your question. Let me know if anything is still unclear!
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