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Public Status of Files in Web Console

Could we request a feature in the web console that adds an extra column to the files listing to indicate whether a file is public or not? Even better, allow us to easily flip the status of the public flag?

Also, even public files return an expiresAt property always within a day of the current time. Is this safe to ignore for public files?

Great feedback - we'll definitely incorporate this into the roadmap. When it comes time for us to make improvements to the Files interface, would you be up for chatting further? We love getting direct feedback and uses cases from our customers.

As for the expiresAt property, I will look into that to make sure I get you the right answer.
Okay, some feedback on the expiresAt property. If you are setting the _public flag to true, then you should not see expiresAt being returned. Is it possible you mixed up _acl read permissions with the _public flag?

_acl permissions determine who can query your file metadata. But the _public flag has nothing to do with _acls. Instead, it only determines whether the file's URL is publicly usable, or private (i.e. must be signed). Even if you set the _acls to fully public (any user can read/write), that doesn't change the _public setting.

Let me know if this isn't the case, and you are still seeing the expiresAt property even though the _public flag is true.
You are right Dave, some of our files weren't being set to public correctly. Thanks for clarifying the expiresAt property.
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