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Customizing password reset form?

Is there no way to customize the password reset form? I see the ability to change the success page, but I also would like to customize the form with CSS.

Hi Patrick,

We are planning to, in the near future, offer a way for you to host your own custom password reset page. This will involve downloading a template, modifying it to fit your needs (using a guide which we will provide), uploading it to your server and changing your app configuration (through the Console) to point to it. I will let you know once this feature is added.
Thanks for the reply. By "uploading it to your server" I assume you're talking about a Kinvey environment. Or do you mean self-hosting the form on our own server?

It seems a good intermediate step would be just allowing the modification of a css file that gets loaded on that form.

Either way, do you have an estimated timeline of when this feature will be added?


Hi Patrick, the feature is in the books to be implemented within the next few weeks.
And-- I did mean self-hosting the form on your own server. We have chosen this path due to requests for having a custom domain in the link that is included with the password reset email. In the future, we will offer a way within the Console to customize all HTML pages that are presented to the end user, but this is a little farther down the line.
Hi Patrick,

This feature is now available on the console. For more information, take a look at the Users guide:
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