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Failure to load web page when _socialIdentity is malformed

Hello all,

So in the web console for users if the variable _socialIdentity is malformed then the web page will do nothing when you click on the user. I am guessing that there is a error on parsing the Json and the browser is not sure what to do with it so it does nothing.

I have a ton of users I cannot delete at the moment because of this error. No big deal though.



Thanks for the bug report Sean! I suspect some validation is failing on the parsing of that variable. Can you be any more specific about what you mean by "malformed"? That can help me recreate the issue and track down the underlying cause.
Right now there is only "facebook" in the variable. And with this when you click it nothing happens. I found out in kinda a duh moment that I could just paste a correct _socialIdentity in there so I can click it to delete it.

Here is an example of what is in there.

_id --- 52ced500828edc1e1f61e21e

username --- f1628c87-c3b0-4c81-9aea-124100f6c624

socialIdentity --- "facebook"




I stand corrected, if I paste a correct _socialIdentity in there when you click it. It will then revert back to the old variable.
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