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E-Mail Verification HTML-Site do not open


since a few days the html-page for confirming an E-mail adress isn't opening ...

The link is correct and the verification is executed (Cause after the call i can login into the application), but the htmlpage isn't rendering.

I've changed it to the total basic - but nothing happen...

Any idea?

Hi Nico, That sounds like unexpected behavior, we will check into it. Do you mean the confirmation page that Kinvey provides or one that you've built for your app?
Hey Nico, I'm having trouble reproducing on my end. I'd like to figure out if there's some other issue causing it. Has anything changed recently in your app?

hmm i am developing a lot on our application - so jeah^^

I've edited the template and thought it might cause the error... But than i just copy a defualt template to it and test again - same result.

This is a link:

Best, Nico

The password-reset page is working correctly- just the others aren't - Any idea?
Hi Nico,

You would get this error if, after sending the email verification but before clicking the link, the user was deleted. When the user clicks the link in the email, the system cannot find the user in question and the error you countered is shown.

I'll open a ticket to make that error message better in the future, since it is definitely not user-friendly.

i do not delete the users?
Hi Nico, looking at the expanded version of the short URL you pasted, I can see that for that app, no user exists with a username or email address matching the one in the email verification URL (the email address is the same as the one you use for this forum)

jeah that's because we are in our final testing round and so i removed all users so anyone of our team can test the whole progess vom the beginning and so on...

At the moment the mail was send none of the users was deleted by mine or someone else.

(Again: The user is able to login after opening the url - so the "progress" must be executed in the background. There is just no website showing on and the second mail ("Thanks for verification ...." is not send either)


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