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Collections and Collection Hooks not appearing in web console

My collections and collection hooks are not appearing in the web console, and the command line script cannot find collection hooks either. This appears to be only occurring in one environment, the other environment seems to be functioning as expected.

However, I can see the collections and associated hooks on the beta console.

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Hey Tony, We've been getting several reports of the same thing. We're on it, I'll keep you posted.

For anyone with the same issue, you can still see your collections in []( "")
This has now been fixed. Please let me know if you are still encountering the issue. Thanks for reporting it!

i have this problem also.  It just appeared today.  Console says I have 3 collection filters, but when I go to view them, it says I do not have any.


  1. Are you using Kinvey console v5
  2. For which app or environment you are seeing this issue?
  3. For which collections you are seeing this issue?



Yes I am using console 5.  My issue was in Dev env.  And it was for a collection I created.  Issues seems to have cleared itself up and is fine now.  

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