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Collections not showing up in web console.

I am not sure what is going on here. 4 of my collections in the web console have disappeared. Well not quite they are still there but I cannot see them in the web console. I can still access them and change them through my management app I built to replace the web console, but there are not there in the web console. Furthermore they are showing up in the beta web console which is kinda wired. Any ideas what is going on?

I have double checked and triple check to make sure that all the apps I am running are on the right database and the right environment. I have also changed something in the database (through the beta web console and through the apps) and checked to see which environment was affected. Still nothing showing up and my release environment has the right collections but in this experiment nothing changed. So I know it is changing the right one.

Here are some screen shots. I am missing a total of 4 collections I believe![]( "")

![]( "")


Hey Sean! Thanks for reporting this- clearly there's some display issue. We're on it! In the meantime you should be able to access your collections at
This should now be fixed. Thank you for reporting the issue with such an easy to understand screenshot, it was quite helpful in deducing the core problem.
I can confirm that it is working now. Thanks!
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