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editing multiple rows of data

are there plans to be able to edit multiple rows of data in the new web console?

Hi Daniel,

None that I know about, we haven't seen a big need for that but perhaps that's incorrect. What's the use case?
The use case would be having 15 records that need a particular piece of data changed, let's say changing the status. Having an excel spreadsheet type interface so you can drag select several rows/columns and modify the contents at once is very useful. The alternative is running console queries which for a simple task is too complex and also VERY risky should you make an error in your the selection query.

There are several HTML5 editor/api for this kind of thing that give you a layer of excel like behaviors on top of a DB.
I'll give this feedback to our console team!

It could be a nice feature ! Exemple : renaming without exporting/importing json.

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