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Duplicate Collections after Renaming

I renamed several collections about two weeks ago under, and everything looked fine, and still looks fine under legacy console, however, under the new console the renamed collections are duplicated.

So, collectionA was renamed to collectionB, and correctly displays as collectionB in legacy. In new console, there is both a collectionA and collectionB.

Hi Adam,

This is now fixed. If you have empty collections from the rename you can safely delete those collections, but I'd advise you to verify and export your data first as a backup.
Well that's no good. I'm going to have one of our developers contact you to get to the bottom of it.
Hi, I'm still seeing them.
Hi Adam,

We've released a fix for this, you should see it behaving as expected now.
Hi, the issue is still the same.
Hey Adam, This was something that we thought we had addressed. Is the issue still exactly the same? We're trying to reproduce on our side.
Interesting, looks like you found a new and unique bug! Our console team is on it. They will follow up with questions they may have.
I see I am also missing at least one 'renamed' collection in the new console. (collectionA renamed to collectionB, but only collectionA is displayed).
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