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Unable to create a user with a Facebook access token from API Console or REST API

This was working fine for me before, but now isn't working. I noticed this when one of my integration tests failed using the REST API. While I can technically create a user, the social identity is missing and cannot be used to login with that same user in the future.

This is how I'm manually testing this from the API Console

POST /user/:appid

Authentication: App Secret






"access_token": "AAAD30ogoDZCYBAKS50rOwCxMR7tIX8F90YDyC3vp63j0IvyCU0MELE2QMLnsWXKo2LcRgwA51hFr1UUpqXkSHu4lCj4VZCIuGG7DHZAHuZArzjvzTZAwQ"




Note, I have tried my personal Facebook access token and test user Facebook tokens, but the one above is from the documentation.

The response is 201 success


"username": "ad4a6366-fbd3-4c91-bc06-cfe9e348e342",

"password": "93f6ba58-32b5-4b08-9015-1043a11298dd",

"_kmd": {

"lmt": "2014-11-12T04:14:24.688Z",

"ect": "2014-11-12T04:14:24.688Z",

"authtoken": "725a1ca9-f140-4141-ab97-e891bd090626.FnDwhq1/Sfb817uG33XldtnuoWSgp6PGvo7jA7CWJnM="


"_id": "5462dea005e2fe3112003d29",

"_acl": {

"creator": "5462dea005e2fe3112003d29"



Note that the _socialIdentity object is missing in the response.

Attempting to login with the same _socialIdentity object results in this response:

HTTP/1.1 400 ERROR


"error": "IncompleteRequestBody",

"description": "The request body is either missing or incomplete",

"debug": "The body of the request is missing credentials required to login"


Additionally, I'm also unable to create a Facebook user from the console: Users -> Add User -> Facebook... I get the Facebook dialog but when it returns there is no user created.

@poindextrose‌ would you mind giving it another shot now?
I just tried it, and I am still seeing the same behavior.
I just tried it again, and it now appears to be fixed.
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