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Cannot edit specific User - Authentication required

I can edit all but one of my users.

To be more specific , while in other users I can delete the devicetokens, there is one that every time I try to edit any of his fields , authentication is required and user is reloaded.

Any ideas?

Sorry for the delayed follow-up here Aris!

This is a tough one to debug on our end. When you say "authentication is required", do you mean that the browser prompts you to enter a username and password when you attempt to edit that user?

Is there anything unique or different about this user?

We'll keep digging, but these questions could help point us in the right direction. Thanks!
This is what I get when trying to edit a field on this user:

and this is how his record appears after:

There is nothing special with this user.

I could pass you his userId if that helps.
Hmm, that is odd. The user id would be helpful - feel free to email if you'd rather avoid displaying it publicly.

Does this happen every time you try editing this user, or only sometimes? Does it happen with any other users?

Are you using a data link or auth link, or is all your data stored in Kinvey?
I sent the userid to

It happens all the time with all fields.

It doesn't happen with any other users.

All my data is stored in Kinvey.

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