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"internal server error when processing your push configuration." when uploading prod APN cert

Im getting this message and nothing more when trying to deploy push service to production. Any ideas where I can get more info as to what the exact error is?

"There was an internal server error when processing your push configuration."

@FlorianBrucknerā€Œ , can you show me what's under response?

Also, just to update the thread, I'm pulling in our console team to help me out with this one, as it appears there may be some unintended behavior on the part of our console here. I'll hopefully have more information about this before the end of the day.
The Response contains this:

{"code":"PushConfigurationFailure","description":"There was an internal server error when processing your push configuration.","debug":{}}

Same thing that @arizqi had already captured.
Just to let everyone know (to keep you updated) this is something that we're addressing as an engineering issue. We've been able to reproduce the issue internally, and at this time are looking to resolve. At present there is no timeline as a root cause has yet to be determined.

I will update this post as more information becomes available to me throughout the day / until a fix is put in place.

Update: We are working on an update to our management API to address this, we are hopefully getting this out before the close of business on Friday.

An update addressing this issue went live on our servers roughly 1 hour ago.

If there are any additional issues regarding this, please notify me at once.

Thank you,
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