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How do I clone an environment in the newest UI?

I used to be able to clone an environment. I no longer see an option to do so -- it looks like I can only create a new environment.


This feature is being reworked and moving to the CLI as part of a feature overhaul that's taking place now. In the interim, you can log into the legacy console by going to and clicking on your app's name in the top right, and "manage environments" in the subsequent drop down menu. Clone will be on the page that comes up when you do this.


Cloning does not allow us to Select your destination environment above. Please help.
Toast, I answered in the other thread, over here: Thanks,

Hello Damien,

I've successfully cloned the environment.

Clone operation reconstructed the scheme, hooks and scripts but it doesn't copied the data.

Is there any way to copy the data between the environments?


Can you give me a better idea of what kind of data you are looking to copy that wasn't copied over automatically?


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